The Eastern Caribbean Forecast valid up to 8am Friday 23rd February 2018.

Weather: Fresh to strong winds will keep seas hazardous across the region, resulting in a negative impact on marine activities. The winds will also be a source of disruptions, at times, and cause the atmosphere to be weakly unsettled, resulting in variably cloudy skies and brief showers. Showers will be more evident across the Windward Islands, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, due to the proximity of an upper level low pressure system.

Winds: East-northeast at 28 to 41 km/h or 15 to 22 knots with frequent higher gusts.

Seas: Moderate to rough with heights of 2.5 to 4 metres or 8 to 13 feet. Advisories and warnings remain in effect for the coastal waters of the region.

Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
Dale Destin-Forecaster

Forecast issued at 9:16 AM,UTC on 22/02/2018