The Eastern Caribbean Forecast valid up to 8am Thursday 24th August 2017.

Weather: A surface trough, originating from an upper level low pressure system, will likely cause cloudy spells and showers across the southern Leeward Islands today. There is also a moderate chance of thunderstorms. Meanwhile, sea-breeze convergence, enhanced by daytime heating, will cause cloudy skies, showers and thunderstorms across Hispaniola and to a lesser extent Puerto Rico, mainly during the afternoon. Otherwise and elsewhere, skies will be fair to partly cloudy with, at most, a moderate chance of showers.

Winds: Easterly at 9 to 24 km/h or 5 to 13 knots with lighter spells at times.

Seas: Moderate with heights not exceeding 1.5 metres or not exceeding 5 feet.

Atmospheric Pressure: Below normal.


Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
Dale Destin-Forecaster

Forecast issued at 9:49 AM,UTC on 23/08/2017