Antigua & Barbuda National Forecast

Valid up to 8 pm tomorrow Sunday 26th February 2017.
Today's Temps

 Partly Cloudy

Synopsis: The air mass a cross the region is relatively dry and stable. This will inhibit organized cloudiness and showers for the next 12-24 hrs.

Wx: Skies tonight will be mostly fair with low chances for isolated brief showers. Tomorrow, skies will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of isolated brief showers.

Winds: ENE-ESE at 5-10 kt, 9-19 km/h.

Seas: Moderate with heights 1.5m/5ft.

Atmospheric Pressure: Near normal.

Rainfall to date for the month of February: 11.1 mm/0.44 inches

Sunrise tomorrow:  6:27 am.

Sunset tomorrow:  6:13 pm.


Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
Orvin Paige-Forecaster

Forecast issued at 8:23 PM,UTC on 25/02/2017

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